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New Data Analysis of Fatal & Non-Fatal Shootings Clearance & Arrest Rates in Philly

The Philadelphia District Attorney’s Transparency Analytics (DATA) Lab has published three data stories covering shooting clearance and arrest rates and recent changes to our monthly Incidents-Arrests-Charges graphics. In 2021, Philadelphia has seen record-breaking gun violence, but a large majority of the shootings have gone unsolved. To date, police have made arrests in only 17% of the year’s shootings. If police don’t make accurate arrests in homicides and non-fatal shootings, the DAO can’t file charges or seek justice for the victims of these most serious offenses. The first data story —  Clearing Up Clearance Rates — seeks to clarify the difference between clearance rates and arrest rates.

The second data story — Shooting Arrest Rates: What Can Be Done? — brings transparency to law enforcement actions around the shooting crisis.

The third data story — Explaining Recent Changes to Our Incidents-Arrests-Charges Graphics — explains recent changes in DAO reporting on gun violence. 

These data stories are timely given end-of-year reporting, and we hope that they will help ensure accuracy and transparency in reporting to the public. The DAO also recently made a technological upgrade to the DATA Dashboard, which now provides even more accurate information about serious and violent crime and the criminal justice system in Philadelphia.

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