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To report a crime

All crimes, emergency and non-emergency, should be reported by calling 911. The only crimes reported to the District Attorney’s Office are private criminal complaints. For more information regarding private criminal complaints click here.

To ask a question

Use this form to send us your questions or requests. Please note the Rules of Professional Conduct prohibits the District Attorney’s Office from having direct contact with defendants involved in an active case. We will only reply to correspondence sent on behalf of a client from a defense attorney.

    Our Locations

    Main Office
    Three South Penn Square
    (Corner of Juniper and South Penn Square, across from City Hall)
    Philadelphia, PA 19107-3499
    Child Support Unit
    Family Court Building
    1501 Arch Street
    Philadelphia, PA 19102
    Private Criminal Complaint Unit
    1425 Arch Street, 4th floor
    Philadelphia, PA 19102


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    To find out about your case

    If you have a question, concern, or need additional information about your case, please call the telephone number found on the back of the subpoena you received in the mail.

    If you don’t know who to contact, please call Victim & Witness Services at 215-686-8027 or e-mail [email protected].


    Language Services

    If you do not speak English, please tell the 911 operators, police, and victim/witness coordinator or any of our staff what language you speak. They will find interpreters to assist you.

    Si usted no habla inglés, dígaselo a la operadora del 911, a la policía, al coordinador de víctimas/testigos o al asistente del fiscal e indíquese qué lenguaje necesita. Ellos le buscarán un intérprete para que le asista.

    Nếu các bạn không nói được tiếng Mỹ, khi gọi số 911 hãy nói với tổng đài, Cảnh Sát, nhân viên giúp đỡ nạn nhân/nhân chứng hoặc công tố viên “Vietnamese, Vietnamese, Vietnamese…” Họ sẽ tìm nguời thông dịch tiếng Việt cho bạn.


    Safety Exit