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Join our fight for justice.

We are building the most talented, passionate, and diverse office of prosecutors and business professionals as we lead the nation in implementing progressive policies and upholding public safety.

Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office has opportunities for you to join as a full-time attorney, paralegal or victim and witness advocate, and also through internships and research assistantships. 

If you would like to be a part of improving the criminal justice system, please review, apply and/or share our below job openings that fit your interest and expertise.


Assistant District Attorney (ADA) job opening(s)

Business Professional job opening(s)

Volunteer Opportunity


“In order to effect real and lasting reforms of our criminal justice system, we must make sure they are inclusive and representative of the communities they serve.”

District Attorney
City of Philadelphia


Building a team that reflects the diversity and empathy we want to see in the criminal justice system 

We’re going the extra mile to forge a team of the best and the brightest that looks like Philadelphia, shares our values, and has a demonstrated commitment to justice and fairness.  

Over the last few years, we have redoubled our efforts by: 

  • Broadening our geographic reach. We recruit at all top-ranked law schools around the country, as well as our large, local law schools, in search of candidates with well-rounded experiences and perspectives.
  • Engaging with HBCUs and other schools known for their diverse, high-achieving student bodies. We have spoken to hundreds of students at HBCUs and have strong participation in affinity spaces such as the National Black Prosecutors Association, all to help us build a more inclusive office.
  • Bringing talent home. We actively seek candidates who were raised in Philadelphia but graduated from colleges and law schools elsewhere and are now ready to return home to help change their communities for the better.  
All our strategic efforts to build the team whose impact could be felt for generations are making a difference. Of the new class of prosecutors:
  • Two-fifths of all new hires are people of color. Before 2018, less than a third were.
  • Many are from top law schools, including HBCUs.
  • Two percent identify as non-binary.
“The District Attorney, Judge Temin and I know that the assistant district attorneys we handpick represent the most important legacy of this administration.”
“It’s what they’re going to do after we are long gone that’s going to be truly transformative.”

First Assistant District Attorney


Senior leadership is deeply committed to finding the right candidates to work in challenging roles in our office.  

District Attorney Larry Krasner and First Assistant District Attorneys Robert Listenbee and Judge Carolyn Temin commit significant time traveling and recruiting and interviewing prosecutor candidates.  The First Assistants are also heavily involved in recruiting and interviewing support staff candidates as well. 

This deep commitment is required if we are to bring about culture change, generate new policies, and realize the changes our communities need to be more safe and just.  

“The young attorneys who join us represent the cream of the crop and our Office’s highest standards.”
“They come here to work with District Attorney Larry Krasner, to be a part of his monumental mission, putting our collective ideas into action.”

Senior Advisor on Professional Development/Special Projects

Meet a few of our talented staff from across the office.

“Being in the military and the police department really gave me a sense of what people are going through.”
“Having that background helps me recognize that every situation is different and needs to be treated individually.”

Assistant District Attorney


“I’m inspired by countless workers who take on the burden of fighting injustice while also working to make ends meet.”

“When I see people who won’t settle for their own individual economic security and wellbeing, but continue to fight against institutionalized oppression for the greater good, I am motivated to strive for a society where everyone is compensated fairly for work in a safe, respectful environment.”

Assistant District Attorney

“I am passionate about criminal justice reform. My desire is to create justice where there has not traditional been any, to protect the deserving communities of Philadelphia, and to improve diversity in the DA’s Office.”

Assistant District Attorney

Safety Exit