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Divisions, Units and Supervisors

The pursuit of justice requires a deeply committed team of advocates and prosecutors.   

The Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office is staffed by talented, relentless, and compassionate professionals . 

Our supervisors  share a vision of a safer, more just Philadelphia, bringing best-in-field expertise and hard-earned courtroom experiences, many on both sides of the bar.  

In addition to their investigatory and prosecutorial responsibilities, DAO supervisors ensure the prosecutors, detectives, and support staff in their units  receive the guidance, training, and mentoring required to ensure effective pursuit of justice for victims and fair process for defendants.  

“In keeping our pledge to transform the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office into the nation’s most effective prosecutor’s office, we say to our team: We care about you, we value you, we see you as individuals.”

District Attorney
City of Philadelphia


The Office of the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office is structured into divisions and units.
Auto-Theft Unit
Supervisor: Jan McDermott
Crisis Assistance, Response, and Engagement for Survivors (CARES)
Supervisor: Myra Maxwell
Assistant Supervisor: Ayanna Greene
Charging Unit
Supervisor: Amanda Hedrick
Assistant Supervisor: Bryan Barth
Assistant Supervisor: Clint Orem
Child Support Enforcement Unit
Joan Esmonde
Criminal Intelligence Unit
Chance Lee
Community Engagement
Supervisor: G. Lamar Stewart
Conviction Integrity Unit
Supervisor:Patricia Cummings
Assistant Supervisor: Michael Garmisa
Dangerous Drug Offenders Unit
Supervisor: Paul Reddel
Assistant Supervisor: Ryan Slaven
Diversion Unit
Supervisor: Mike Lee
Assistant Supervisor: Audrey Westerman
Economic Crimes Unit
Supervisor: Dawn Holtz
Assistant Supervisor: Kimberly Esack
Labor Liaison: Danielle Newsome
Family Violence & Sexual Assault
Supervisor: Branwen McNabb
Supervisor: Cheryl Yankolonis
Government Affairs
Supervisor: Mike Lee
Gun Violence Task Force
Supervisor: Bill Fritze
Homicides & Non-Fatal Shootings Unit
Supervisor: Chesley Lightsey
Assistant Supervisor: Joanne Pescatore
Assistant Supervisor: Sherrell Dandy
Immigration Counsel
Caleb Arnold
Juvenile Unit
Supervisor: Adara Combs
Assistant Supervisor: Yasmine Rosario
Assistant Supervisor: Lakeisha Fields
Law Division
Supervisor: Nancy Winkelman
Assistant Supervisor: Paul George
Major Trials Division
Supervisor: Erica Rebstock
Assistant Supervisor: Nick Freeman
Municipal Court Unit
Supervisor: Deborah Watson-Stokes
Assistant Supervisor: Sheida Ghadiri
Assistant Supervisor: Eleni Belisonzi
Pre-Trial Unit & Traffic Court Unit
Supervisor: Liam Riley
Assistant Supervisor: Bob Daisey
Private Criminal Complaints Task Force
Supervisor: Jim Dellafiora
Public Nuisance Task Force
Supervisor: Drew Jenneman
Special Investigations Unit
Supervisor: Tracy Tripp
Victim/Witness Services Unit
Supervisor: Keziah Cameron
Assistant Supervisor: Donna Woods