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About the Elder Justice Unit

The Elder Justice Unit (“EJU”) is dedicated to providing justice to older adults by vigorously prosecuting crimes against Philadelphia citizens 60 years and over. Using a trauma-informed approach, the unit ensures that older adults can access the criminal justice system and gives these older adult victims a strong voice in how their cases proceed and are resolved. The EJU also monitors its own Elder Abuse Hotline (215-686-5710) and chairs the Philadelphia Enhanced Multidisciplinary Task Force (“PEAMDT”) which coalesces local government agencies and non-profit organizations to combat elder exploitation in Philadelphia. You can learn more about our member partners in the section below. The EJU consists of the unit supervisor, an assistant district attorney, the coordinator of the Philadelphia Enhanced Multidisciplinary Task Force, a paralegal and our victim advocate. 

About Our Partners

(215) 545-5728 

CARIE provides direct assistance to the elderly, their families and professionals in the aging field. Through telephone contacts and site visits to Philadelphia-area long term care facilities, the agency assists older people and their caregivers to assess needs, identify service resources and make the necessary connections to resolve elder care issues. Their areas of service include: 

  • Ombudsman 
  • Victim’s Advocacy Program 
  • Elderly Victims Emergency Security 
  • Transportation Problems Resolution 
  • Pennsylvania SMP

Penn Memory Center
(215) 662-7810

The Penn Memory Center is a single, unified Penn Medicine source for those age 65 and older seeking assistance related to the symptoms of progressive memory loss and accompanying changes in thinking, communication and personality. They offer evaluation, diagnosis, treatment, information and research to individuals with Alzheimer’s disease, mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and other age-related progressive memory disorders.

PCA Older Adult Protective Services
(215) 765-9040 

PCA’s Older Adult Protective Services (OAPS) team helps to detect, prevent and protect older Philadelphians from all forms of abuse, including physical, sexual and psychological abuse; self-neglect or neglect by a caregiver; and financial exploitation. Intake workers are available 24 hours a day to provide intake, investigation, assessment, care planning and crisis resolution. Reports of suspected abuse may be made confidentially 24/7 by anyone, including the older adult in need. 

SeniorLaw Center
(877) 727-7529 or (215) 988-1242 

SeniorLaw Center (SLC) offers older adults a range of legal advice and referral services in Philadelphia and its surrounding counties. They also operate a toll-free HelpLine available to older adults throughout the Commonwealth. SLC focuses on issues related housing, family law, elder abuse, financial exploitation, consumer protection, and advance planning. 

The Philadelphia Police Department

In cases of non-emergency, call your local precinct and request that someone take a police report. You can find your precinct and its telephone number by typing in your address here

Elder Justice Unit
Non-Emergency Hotline

[email protected]

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