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By directly investigating select criminal activity, we’re being proactive about making a safer, fairer Philadelphia.  

After a crime is committed, the criminal justice process starts with an investigation to figure out who did what, when, and with what intent. In most cases, the investigation stage is handled by the Philadelphia Police Department, with our team of prosecutors providing support where necessary. 

But there are certain cases when the District Attorney’s Office not only prosecutes crimes brought to us by the PPD, but takes the lead in the  investigation, seeking to uncover crimes, gather evidence and build cases against those we identify as responsible.  

The total number of crimes we investigate this way may be small compared to the workload of the PPD, but the cases we focus on are important, often complex and far-reaching. Solving them has big impacts on the safety, well-being and the quality of life for our entire region.

And since the crimes we investigate often involve ongoing criminal activity that preys on the poor and the powerless in our society, combating these kinds of cases can make a real difference in promoting equity and helping people escape poverty. 

It’s why they’re such a priority for this office.

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“When you think about criminal justice reform moving forward, you are never going to have real buy-in until you’re willing to go backwards to make sure you take care of the people that suffered already.”

Conviction Integrity Unit


We seek to right past wrongs to make the entire system more fair and accountable.
The Conviction Integrity Unit of the District Attorney’s Office is charged with investigating problematic past convictions for credible claims of actual innocence, wrongful conviction and, where feasible, sentencing inequities.   
In doing so, we strive to increase transparency, integrity and trust in the criminal justice system, holding publicly accountable those who abuse their positions of authority. When warranted through their investigation, unit prosecutors work to reverse unjust sentences resulting from government misconduct.
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Sometimes the crimes that require in-depth investigations are committed by people in positions of public trust—including those in law enforcement positions. 
When this happens, it is the job of the Special Investigations Unit of the District Attorney’s Office to investigate and prosecute this public corruption and abuse of government power. 
Our dedicated team of prosecutors, investigators and support staff pursue active prosecutions against government officials, public servants and members of law enforcement who are accused of misconduct.
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By getting illegal guns off our streets, we confront the root of many violent crimes and set the stage for future prosecution


“District Attorney Krasner’s expansion of the Gun Violence Task Force opens the opportunity for us to focus on hotspots where we know the violence is occurring.”

Gun Violence Task Force



In 2019 alone, the Gun Violence Task Force was responsible for 216 arrests, resulting in 233 illegal guns taken off the streets. We continue to make this kind of impact by focusing on:   
  • Firearms trafficking  
  • Straw purchases
  • Illegal transfers 
  • Gun violence
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