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Following Grand Jury Investigation, DA Krasner, Law Enforcement Partners Charge Eight Defendants for Multiple North Philly Gun Homicides

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PHILADELPHIA (June 3, 2024) — District Attorney Larry Krasner was joined on Monday by Philadelphia Police Commissioner Kevin Bethel and members of the Gun Violence Task Force (GVTF) and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) to announce charges against eight defendants for their roles in a spree of violence throughout North Philadelphia from 2021 to 2022. The spree resulted in multiple homicides and numerous wounded survivors.

The Thirty-Second Philadelphia County Investigating Grand Jury has determined that 21-year-old Jamir Brunson-Gans, 20-year old Dontae Sutton, 20-year-old Khalil Henry, 19-year-old Elijah Soto, 19-year-old Nakye Williams, 19-year-old Haneef Davis, 25-year-old Jahlil Williams, and 22-year-old Rahmeir Hayes are implicated in the killing of five victims and eight non-fatal shooting victims. The IGJ has also determined that seven of these defendants are associated with a street group known as the ‘Big Naddy Gang’ (BNG) while another defendant is a member of the ‘Zoo Gang’. All are charged with Murder, Attempted Murder, Conspiracy, and related firearm offenses.

The IGJ alleges that Jahlil Williams, Sutton, Brunson-Gans, Soto, Nakye Williams, Henry, and Davis murdered a mother of two children near the intersection of 33rd and Diamond Streets on September 29, 2021. Two other women were wounded in the attack. Investigators believe the incident was a contract killing and that the defendants targeted the wrong people.

The IGJ alleges that Brunson-Gans, Soto, and Sutton were involved in the killing of one victim on September 6, 2021 on the 2200 block of West Huntingdon Street. Brunson-Gans and Sutton were also involved in the Attempted Murder of another individual who was shot multiple times on September 5, 2021 on the 3100 block of North Judson Street.

The IGJ also alleges that Soto, Sutton, Henry, and Hayes were involved in the murder of another victim on September 18, 2021 on the 2900 block of West York Street.

The IGJ also alleges that Nakye Williams and Davis were involved in the non-fatal shooting of another individual who was leaving a candlelight vigil for a young homicide victim on the evening of October 10, 2021 on the 2600 block of North 22nd Street. Nakye Williams is also alleged to have killed an individual during a carjacking on January 2, 2022 near the 2500 block of North 28th Street.

“I commend the members of the Investigating Grand Jury, Gun Violence Task Force, Philadelphia Police Department, and ATF for conducting such an extensive and thorough investigation,” said DA Krasner. “This is a shining example of how cutting edge forensics and committed police work can hold drivers of gun violence accountable for their wonton disregard for peace and safety. The residents of North Philadelphia can rest easier knowing that these defendants are in custody and will be prosecuted vigorously.”

“I commend Philadelphia Police Detective Tim Hartman for the phenomenal job he’s done along with all of our other law enforcement partners,” said Commissioner Kevin Bethel. “The long term impact of these arrests are significant. This work matters because it shows the people in the 22nd District that we see them, we hear them, and we care about them.”

“I want to thank Detective Tim Hartman of the Philadelphia Police Department, as well as GVTF Analyst Paul Haggerty and the ATF for their invaluable assistance in this case,” said GVTF Assistant District Attorney Joseph Lanuti who is assigned to prosecute this case. “Because of this successful investigation, law enforcement was able to take down a extremely dangerous group of people who callously killed and wounded numerous victims and terrorized North Philadelphia residents. To other groups who are engaged in violence and terror, realize that we are coming for you and we will hold you accountable.”

Dustin Slaughter, [email protected], 215-686-8713

The graphic and photos below are provided by the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office for use by the news media.

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