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District Attorney’s Office Statement on Troubling Commonwealth Court Ruling on Act 40

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Please attribute the following to a spokesperson for the District Attorney’s Office:

PHILADELPHIA (June 14, 2024) — “While we respect the Commonwealth Court’s decision and the independence of the judiciary, today’s close (4-3) ruling on whether or not the Pa. Attorney General can appoint a special prosecutor is deeply disappointing. As violent crime continues to drop nationwide and even more so in Philly, according to recent data, we continue to believe that this matter is fundamentally an attack on democracy and on Philadelphia voters, not about public safety. Make no mistake: Act 40, an unconstitutional and arbitrary law, is a grave danger to the power Philadelphia voters wield, an orchestrated power play by certain officials in Harrisburg to disenfranchise Philadelphians. We intend to appeal this ruling to the Pa. Supreme Court and will continue fighting to ensure that Philadelphia voters and their votes matter.”

Dustin Slaughter, [email protected]


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