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Philadelphia Police Officer Arrested, Charged for Intimate Partner Violence

PHILADELPHIA (August 10, 2022) – Philadelphia Police Officer Ramon Chaulisant (DOB: 8/27/1988) has been arrested and charged for threatening and assaulting a former partner and the mother of their four children.

Following an investigation by the PPD Internal Affairs Division and the District Attorney’s Office Special Investigations Unit, Chaulisant was arrested on Friday, August 5, and charged with Aggravated Assault (F1), Terroristic Threats (M1), Theft (M1), Possession of an Instrument of Crime (M1), Simple Assault (M2), Reckless Endangerment of Another Person (M2), and Harassment (M3).

Officer Chaulisant had been placed on administrative duty and had his service weapon confiscated by PPD prior to his arrest.

“I want to thank PPD Internal Affairs and my office’s Special Investigations Unit for effectively intervening in a highly dangerous situation for a mother and her four young children. Both within law enforcement and in our communities, we must hold people accountable for intimate partner abuse and violence,” District Attorney Larry Krasner said. “Too often, we see abuse escalate toward fatal violence, past the point where safety and justice are achievable for the victim. Too often, children are traumatized and left bereft of a trusted guardian. Thankfully, that is not the case here, but just this week our city lost another mother to violence at the hands of a partner. We need lawmakers and policymakers at all levels of government to do more to prevent intimate partner abuse and violence – including by making affordable housing, counseling, and childcare universally accessible.”

In February 2022, Chaulisant is alleged to have physically struck his former partner in the face and body at her home while visiting his children. Chaulisant is also alleged to have forced the victim down a set of stairs, and to have kicked her front door, damaging the frame.

In April 2022, Chaulisant called police to his home to make a report against his former partner, who was attempting to pick up their children. At that time, he is alleged to have told responding officers that they would find her “face down” and that he would “fuck her up” if she came to his home.

On Monday, August 1, Chaulisant is alleged to have broken dishes during a verbal altercation with the victim at her home in the presence of their children; to have threatened that he would “fucking kill you”; to have broken the victim’s car window with a free weight; and to have stolen her laptop and iPhone.Their four children, all minors, were present during all three incidents.

Resources for people attempting to exit unsafe relationships and people who are experiencing intimate partner abuse and violence are available by calling the National Domestic Abuse Hotline at 1-888-799-SAFE (7233) and Women Against Abuse at 1-866-723-3014.

CONTACT:Jane Roh, 215-686-8711, [email protected]


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