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District Attorney’s Office, Philadelphia Foundation Award Grants to 13 Addiction Recovery Organizations

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PHILADELPHIA (April 1, 2024) — District Attorney Larry Krasner awarded microgrants totaling over $357,000 to 13 addiction recovery groups as part of the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office Violence Prevention Grant Program on Monday. DA Krasner and members of his executive team made the announcement at Imhotep Institute Charter High School shortly after convening a listening session with Imhotep students about ways to help prevent gun violence in the community.

The awardees are as follows:

Angels in Motion (AIM) provides a variety of services to people suffering from substance use disorder (SUD), including overdose prevention training and Narcan application, referrals to certified recovery services, and the delivery of over 2,000 nonperishable snack bags every month to unhoused people struggling with SUD. AIM is awarded $25,000.

Danny’s House is a recovery home that provides holistic treatment services for women, including rent-free housing, monitored 12-Step program participation, employment assistance, and 24/7 recovery coaching. Danny’s House is awarded $25,000.

First Stop Recovery, located in the Kensington section of the city, provides mental health treatment, SUD services, and transitional housing. First Stop Recovery is awarded $38,600.

I’m FREE – Females Reentering Empowering Each Other, Inc. provides seven-week cognitive behavioral transformation training, economic development and self-sufficiency training, and much more for women returning from incarceration. I’m FREE is awarded $10,000.

Interim House, Inc. was formed in 1971 and was one of the first specialized SUD treatment programs in the country at that time. Interim House, Inc. is awarded $25,000.

Maternity Care Coalition (MCC) provides behavioral health services to people who are pregnant and families with children up to three years old, child care, group education opportunities, and much more. MCC is awarded $25,000.

The Minority Center for Participation and Empowerment (MCPE) provides a range of services, including referrals for certified recovery services. MCPE is awarded $20,000.

Prevention Point Philadelphia was founded over 30 years ago and during that time has provided a range of services including HIV and HCV testing, wound care, and a renowned clean syringe exchange program that has helped prevent the spread of HIV and related diseases. PPP is awarded $40,000.

Rising Hope for Change, Inc. (RHC) provides educational services and entrepreneurship empowerment to low-income communities in Philadelphia and beyond. RHC is awarded $25,000.

Sankofa Healing Studio provides individual therapy services for youth and young adults who have been incarcerated, among other programming. Sankofa Healing Studio is awarded $39,000.

Savage Sisters Recovery provides supportive housing services for people in recovery, community outreach to people actively suffering from SUD, and much more. Savage Sisters Recovery is awarded $50,000.

The Everywhere Project offers weekly outreach events that include wound care, hot meals, hygiene supplies, harm reduction education, and more. The Project is awarded $15,000.

The Won Institute of Graduate Studies is an accredited graduate school offering Masters, Doctoral, and certificate programs for healing arts. Won is awarded $20,000.

“My administration is thrilled to continue supporting community-based organizations that are providing services to the community that heal people and provide hope to those who are struggling,” said DA Krasner. “By addressing the root causes of community violence, these groups are helping prevent future tragedies.”

The application process for the second round of violence prevention grant funding is now open. Please note that this new application cycle is only open to summer programs that include explicit anti-violence/anti-drug work with youth, with an emphasis on:

  1. Cycling and swimming programs, and/or;
  2. Exposing participants to new experiences including outside of Philadelphia.

Interested 501(c)(3) organizations must email the Philadelphia Foundation to apply: [email protected].

The DAO’s violence prevention grant funding, now totaling over $2 million dollars since May of 2021, is derived from the lawful and appropriate use of civil asset forfeiture and will be distributed and audited by the Philadelphia Foundation.

Dustin Slaughter, [email protected], 215-686-8713


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