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District Attorney’s Office Activates Election Task Force for Primary Election

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PHILADELPHIA (April 22, 2024) — The Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office Election Task Force (ETF) will be activated for the municipal primary election starting at 7 a.m. on Tuesday, April 23. Polling location complaints and reported infractions of the Pennsylvania Election Code will be thoroughly and even-handedly investigated by ETF prosecutors, DAO Detectives in collaboration with our partners at the Philadelphia Police Department, Philadelphia Sheriff’s Department, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Voters who encounter any irregularities at their polling location can call the DAO Election Task Force hotline: 215–686–9641. Voters are also encouraged to contact the national nonpartisan Election Protection hotline: 866-OUR-VOTE. Voters with questions about the election process should contact the Philadelphia City Commissioners’ Office at 215-686-VOTE. Should voters encounter any violence or physical threats at their polling station, they are urged to call 9-1-1 immediately.

“I’m grateful to the prosecutors and detectives of the DAO’s Election Task Force who investigate and resolve complaints lodged by Philadelphia voters each and every election,” said DA Krasner. “Between our ETF, the City Commissioners’ Office, the Philadelphia Police Department and other law enforcement partners, and the hardworking and dedicated poll workers who volunteer each year, voters can rest assured that their vote will count. That’s why I urge ALL Philadelphians to go to the polls tomorrow and VOTE.”

“The work leading up to the 2024 Primary Election has been an extremely coordinated effort and we are grateful to all our law enforcement partners and elected officials for their dedication to this sensitive and critical process,” said Managing Director Adam Thiel.

“The Philadelphia Police Department stands ready to assist our fellow stakeholders in ensuring a safe and fair election,” said Philadelphia Police Commissioner Kevin Bethel. “To that end, we are working closely with our City Commissioners, the Managing Director, and the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office, the Pennsylvania State Police, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, to ensure that all lines of communication are open before, during, and after the election. We all stand ready to make sure that we are aware of any potential efforts to disrupt an orderly and safe election.”

“Philadelphia is the birthplace of American democracy, and I would be damned if it dies here,” said City Commissioner Chairman Omar Sabir. “Under my watch, voting in Philadelphia will remain safe and secure.”

The ETF will continue operating until the certification of every vote, including overseas and military ballots. If you are in line to vote by 8 p.m., you MUST be allowed to cast your ballot.

Dustin Slaughter, [email protected], 215-686-8713

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