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Defendant Convicted of Shooting Man After Traffic Accident in West Philly

PHILADELPHIA (June 27, 2022) — A Philadelphia judge found Quayshon Glass (DOB 8/16/1999) guilty of Aggravated Assault and Possession of an Instrument of Crime stemming from a traffic accident and shooting that occurred in West Philly last year.While driving east on Baltimore Avenue on the evening of May 6, the complainant’s car was sideswiped by Glass, who was driving a gray Hyundai. Glass started to drive away but slammed into a parked vehicle and subsequently fled on foot. The complainant, who had been following Glass in order to obtain his insurance information, returned to the scene of the first crash.

While the complainant was on the phone with police dispatch waiting for law enforcement to arrive at the scene, Glass returned with a firearm. Words were exchanged. The defendant abruptly shot the complainant in the chest. Remarkably, the victim then tackled Glass and shot Glass’ gun to empty it of the remaining bullets. Glass again fled. Police arrived and transported the victim to Penn Presbyterian for treatment of his wounds.Once at the hospital, the victim declined to identify Glass out of fear of retribution. Meanwhile, 18th District patrol officers at the scene of the incident recognized Glass’ vehicle and knew that he was an associate of a local street group known as “60K”. A vehicle investigation was then initiated and police confirmed that the Hyundai belonged to Glass. It was through this investigation that police developed the defendant as a suspect. He was subsequently arrested later that day and charged.

“Mr. Glass got into an accident with the victim, and instead of acting like a rational human being, decided to go home, get a gun, and return to the scene to act like a maniac,” said DA Krasner. “Thanks to the very capable prosecution conducted by Assistant District Attorney Kwambina Coker, however, Glass will be held accountable.”“I want to thank the victim, who testified in court and delivered a critically important identification,” said ADA Kwambina Coker of the DAO’s Homicide and Non-Fatal Shooting Unit. “I also commend the officers of the 18th District who scooped the victim and drove him to the hospital to save his life, as well as the police who held the scene and recognized the defendant’s car. Without them, this case would have been harder to solve and prosecute.”Glass is scheduled for sentencing in July before the Hon. Diana L. Anhalt.

CONTACT:Dustin Slaughter, 215-686-8713, [email protected]


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