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Defendant Charged with Purchase and Illegal Transfer of Handguns, Corruption of Minors

PHILADELPHIA (July 25, 2022) — Krista Woody (DOB: 7/3/1987) was arrested and charged last week with purchasing three firearms and illegally transferring them to minors, District Attorney Larry Krasner and the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office Gun Violence Task Force announced today. She is charged with one count of Conspiracy (F2), three counts of Tamper with Public Record/Information (F3), three counts of Unsworn Falsification to Authorities (M2), three counts of Corruption of Minors (M1), and additional felony charges.One of the juveniles was identified via surveillance video by law enforcement as an individual who fired a gun in the direction of a highway in November of 2021 in the city’s East Kensington section. He was subsequently arrested. Police, through forensic examination, determined that the spent shell casings from the highway shooting matched the confiscated firearm.

Further investigation confirmed that this firearm was purchased by Woody—one day prior to the shooting—but was never reported stolen, indicating that Woody illegally transferred the weapon to the shooter. After being Mirandized, Woody acknowledged that she illegally gave a minor two guns and a third to another minor who is ineligible to carry firearms due to his felony record, in exchange for cash.“This reprehensible case, in which the defendant purchased firearms in exchange for cash on behalf of juveniles, should send a clear message to any individual who thinks it’s acceptable to purchase deadly weapons for those who are prohibited from buying and possessing them,” said DA Krasner. “The message here is simple: Don’t be stupid. Actions like this have very serious and life-changing consequences. Our office will vigorously prosecute those who enable dangerous people to possess firearms—period.”

“I’m grateful to state and local law enforcement who helped thoroughly investigate this case,” said Assistant District Attorney Jezreel Moore. “I can assure the public that we will hold Miss Woody appropriately accountable for her crimes.”A preliminary hearing for Woody is scheduled for August 9, 2022.

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