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DAO Collaboration with Law Enforcement, Public Health Partners Featured in ‘100 Shooting Review Committee’ Report

PHILADELPHIA (January 27, 2022) – City law enforcement and government leaders on Thursday released the “100 Shooting Review Committee Report” — a first-of-its-kind collaborative effort involving city agencies to analyze shootings and make policy and organizational recommendations to more effectively address the underlying factors of gun violence and prevent shootings in Philadelphia.The 100 Shooting Review Committee was authorized by City Council in September 2020 to address increased gun violence, homicide, and access to firearms in the City of Philadelphia. The Committee convened public hearings in collaboration with the Philadelphia Police Department, District Attorney’s OfficeOffice of the Managing Director, Department of Public Health, and the Defender Association. The Committee further tasked the lead agencies to produce the 100 Shooting Review Committee Report.

Participating agencies provide analyses and recommendations on how to address the public health and racial justice crisis of gun violence, amid an alarming increase in shootings since 2015. The report identifies opportunities to improve enforcement, intervention, and prevention, and highlights 16 key findings and 27 recommendations. The DAO Gun Violence Task Force, Intelligence Unit, Policy Team, and District Attorney’s Transparency Analytics (DATA) Lab also offer in-depth analyses on 1) improving shooting clearance rates, 2) improving gun case outcomes, 3) deterrence of illegal firearm possession, and 4) improving victim and witness appearance rates. 

This report offers a framework, findings, and recommendations. It should be used to inform a broad citywide strategy to address gun violence through law enforcement, public health, public education, and more.

“This comprehensive review across public health and safety offices reinforces what we’ve known about gun violence for some time: the City of Philadelphia must be laser-focused on violence prevention, and on holding people who commit shootings accountable. We must also soundly reject institutional practices that failed to prevent this crisis, starting with political fealty to the firearms industry and unevenly applied enforcement that spawned both mass incarceration and perpetual cycles of heightened violence,” District Attorney Larry Krasner said. “As this review shows, focused and intentional collaboration among prosecutors and police yields stronger criminal cases, and I’m optimistic that consolidation of non-fatal and fatal shootings investigations across law enforcement agencies will improve case clearance and prosecutions. I want to thank Councilmember Curtis Jones, Jr., and members of the 100 Shooting Review Committee for convening our public health and safety partners for this important project, and for tasking us to continue working collaboratively toward a safer and more just Philadelphia.”

To watch the 100 Shooting Review Committee Report announcement, click here. To read the full City Council press release, click here.