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DA Krasner Statement on Selection of Philly Police Commissioner

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PHILADELPHIA (November 22, 2023) – District Attorney Larry Krasner on Wednesday issued the following statement on Mayor-elect Cherelle Parker’s appointment of Kevin Bethel to lead the Philadelphia Police Department:

“As a seasoned law enforcement professional who has served for decades in the Philadelphia Police Department, and who oversaw a sea change in juvenile justice interventions at the School District of Philadelphia, Kevin Bethel brings strong credentials – and promise – to the post of Police Commissioner. I look forward to working with him on new and creative approaches that will make Philadelphia thrive.

“Over the last two years, America generally, American cities, and Philadelphia in particular have successfully reversed a historic spike in gun violence brought on by the pandemic. Philadelphia is in its second year of managing an equally historic reduction in homicides, reduction in shootings, and reduction in shooting victims.

“Philadelphia is outdoing many other major American cities in homicide and gun violence reduction, but there is more we can do. Heavy, evidence-based investment in prevention and in modern enforcement are key to continuing this improvement.

“I look forward to partnering with incoming Police Commissioner Kevin Bethel and Mayor-Elect Parker toward our common goals of improving detective staffing and officer patrols; incapacitating violent offenders more quickly by solving more shootings; faster trial resolutions with fewer delays due to absent witnesses or inmate transportation failures; and – in the words of Mayor-elect Parker – ‘zero tolerance for any misuse and/or abuse of authority’ by police.

“As a recent Philadelphia Inquirer editorial notes, police accountability is non-negotiable for making cities safer and freer from violence and suffering. It is no exaggeration to state that the future of Philadelphia’s communities – particularly those most in need of reinvestment and revitalization – depends on the next mayoral and police administration. The District Attorney’s Office will do everything we can to make sure Mayor-elect Parker, our next Police Commissioner Bethel, and our city are successful.”

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