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For the Commonwealth: Assistant District Attorney Vilma Cubias

Thanks to Assistant District Attorney Vilma Cubias, Assistant Supervisor of the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office Family Violence and Sexual Assault Unit, for helping secure justice in a case involving a defendant accused of breaking into a woman’s private residence and sexually assaulting her. The defendant was linked to the assault due to his wallet and ID card being left behind accidentally after he struggled with the survivor. He initially was not found competent to stand trial for several years, but after eight long years, faced his accuser in court. She shared with the jury her very moving and powerful testimony about the trauma she experienced on the night of the assault in March 2015. A Philadelphia jury found the defendant guilty of Attempted Rape, Aggravated Indecent Assault, and related offenses in late March. The defendant is scheduled for sentencing by the Hon. Christopher Hall in June 2023.

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